FLW – Everstart – Shasta showdown

EverStart Series pro Kevin Stewart of Elk Grove, Calif., agrees that the bite is a lot tougher than last season.

“The water levels are up and the bite is very different compared to last year,” said Stewart. “Right now it seems like you can pick up a fish here and a fish there but it’s tough to catch more than one fish on a particular spot. I think the key for all of us is: How is this rain going to affect the fish?”

EverStart anglers await the start of takeoff on Lake Shasta.With plenty of new variables for the anglers to contend with, anglers are going to have to adjust accordingly if they are to have any chance at securing a tournament title.

“We joke around and say that we’re (targeting) fish in anywhere from 5 to 50 feet,” said Stewart. “But honestly I’ve been catching fish in practice as deep as 75 or 100 feet. For me, I’m just going to cover a lot of water and then slow down and fish the quality spots when I find them. But my guess is that the majority of the field is going to be doing a lot of finesse fishing with plastics.” Read the entire article here >

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