Finding fish for the U.S. Open

Practice time at Lake Mead

By: Jody Only republished from the

With days until the blast off of the 30th annual U.S. Open on Lake Mead, NorCal angler Kevin Stewart checks in with a practice time update. “There’s a reason why they hold the Open on Lake Mead and it’s because it’s hard pattern fish here,” commented Stewart. “I’m getting seven or eight keeper bites a day and 20 or 30 shorts; but I’m getting them on everything from plastics to reaction baits. I’m mostly getting smallies. I can’t call it a pattern, yet.”

The Elk Grove angler shared the details of Mead’s conditions saying the water tem ran from 84- to 86-degrees in the morning and rose to 87- to 89-degrees in the afternoon, while the air temps spiked to 105 or 106-degrees each day.

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