CHT Double Wacky Hook & the Ca. Delta

Kevin-Stewart-CHT-WackyHook-Delta2013Description from Monster
The CHT Double Wacky Hook is a light-wire, finesse wacky rig hook with a completely revolutionary design that results in more fish in the boat. The CHT Double Wacky Hook is the first finesse style double hook. For years hollow body, topwater frogs have used the same style of hook, but never has the design been implemented for use in any other application. From the mind of professional angler Zack Thompson, comes the hook that will become synonymous with the weighted wacky technique.

For anglers unfamiliar with the technique its make up consists of a worm, usually a senko or other stick bait, an o-ring, a finesse hook, and the nail weight that is inserted into the head of the bait. The technique has fallen under several different names through its history: “Dek-Rig”, “Dik-Rig”, “Neko-Rig”, or simply “The Rig”.

One thing that hasn’t been confused however are the results. The unique action of the vertical worm and its walking motion have been a spotted bass killer for years. The bites are numerous, but the hook-up ratio is traditionally quite low. With the new CHT Tackle Double Wacky Hook anglers will find increased hook-up ratios and more landed fish.

No longer will anglers reel in a ball of plastic, instead with two hook points one will always be exposed eliminating the frustration of lost fish. In addition to its advancements in hooking fish, the weighted wacky hook also increases the lifespan of your plastic baits. With the CHT Double Wacky Hook you’ll save money and catch more bass.

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