Snag Proof Open Pro Tip for Delta Froggin’

I can’t wait to get out and fish the 2012 Snag Proof Frog’s Only Open on the California Delta this weekend August 4th & 5th. Not only is this a super fun event to fish, I get to touch base with a lot old friends and as a bonus for me this year Delta Marine […]

Swimbait Tips for Bass Angler Magazine

“Kevin Stewart shows how he attaches solid and hollow belly swimbaits for increased use to his favorite heads, the BladeRunner Spintrix Underspin.” Republished with permission from Bass Angler Magazine Summer 2012 issue. Original Article, Photos & Video By Jody Only. Want to read the whole article? Subscribe to Bass Angler Magazine!

Yamamoto Twin Tail Hula Grub Video

“Top This pro Kevin Stewart pulls out another of his favorite Yamamoto Baits as he discusses the versatility of the Yamamoto Twin Tail Hula Grub.  In his video tip he shares several ways to rig the Hula Grub. Stewart’s preferred rigging is also shown with the Grub as a trailer on a football head with […]

Yamamoto Kreature Bait Video

FLW pro Kevin Stewart reveals what he calls the “best kept secret on the river” when it comes to Yamamoto Baits,.. The 4″ Yamamoto Kreature Bait. Story and video by Jody Only and republished from the Kevin Stewart takes a break from the boat to share his tips for fishing the Yamamoto Kreature Bait. The Top This pro […]